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What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is executable code that, when run by someone, infects or attaches itself to other executable code in a computer in an effort to reproduce itself. Some computer viruses are malicious, erasing files or locking up systems; others merely present a problem solely through the act of infecting other code.

Closely related to computer viruses are Trojan Horses and worms. A Trojan Horse is a program that performs some undesired action while pretending to do something else.  A Trojan Horse differs from a virus in that the former does not attempt to reproduce itself.  A Worm is just a self-propagating virus.

On personal computers, we recommend the installation and use of anti-virus software capable of scanning disks, attachments to email, files downloaded from the web, and documents generated by word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Download Updates

  Your anti-virus program is only as good as it’s latest update.  Be sure to download virus updates from the internet on a regular basis.  Most programs include a scheduler which will do this for you automatically.

     Download virus definitions for Norton Anti-Virus:

Download virus Dat files for McAfee and Virex:

Download pattern files for Trend Micro products and PC-cillin:


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